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The Polyglota project was born to create an opensource tool to manage the free software/opensource translation/localization process in an open and collaborative environment. A web-based environment was our logical choice and a LAMP platform has been naturally choosen for its development.

The first versions of this software will be targeting the very specific process of importing a GNU Gettext PO format file into the system, letting a team of translators work on the strings collaborativelly and exporting the data back into a PO formated file for inclusion in the original codebase.

In the future, Polyglota will try to become a fully-fledged web-based Translation Memory Manager (TTM) useful in the full internationalization and localization processes.

Latest News

Polyglota will be discussed at the upcoming Linuxquechua meeting

20 Jan 05

Abner Bellarco and Clever Flores have joined Jaime Wong and Antonio Ognio in the Polyglota development team.

New developers join the project

14 Jan 05

Abner Bellardo and Clever Flores have joined Jaime Wong and Antonio Ognio in the Polyglota development team.


Polyglota builds on top of popular standars like GNU gettext and UTF-8 and will include in the future support for new and emerging standards like XLIFF, TBX and SALT


The widely extended PHP scripting language and the MySQL database engine are the foundation of our platform.

We're betting the project's sucess on the large installed base of this technologies and hope to ease the process of contributing by choosing the most popular programming tools.


Polyglota is in its very early stages of development and is being mantained by a small group of peruvian programmers.

No code has been released yet nor has been imported into the CVS. A public release of the very initial codebase is expected to happen in the first days of February 2005.


We've choosen the GNU GPL license for this project since its very important for us to reach the biggest user and developer base in order to fulfill our needs and the project's goals.